Instructions for authors

You can propose one or more presentations in your Registration form. For each presentation you need to enter the Title, Authors List and their Affiliations. The presenting author (conference speaker) name should be the first in the Authors List. Affiliatons should be indicated after the Author Name in round brackets. The sample entry is:

Turbulence in Solar Atmosphere
A.B. Author(1), C. Coauthor(1,2), D. Onemore(2)
(1)Institute, City, Country, (2) Institute, City, Country

Next presentation entry should be separated from the previous with an empty line.

In order to submit your abstract you need to log in to the Conference site with your email and password. If you do not have a password, please register for the conference (use Registration link in the left-side menu).

Please use the template file to prepare your abstract and the Submit abstract menu item (available to logged-in users) to submit your abstract. Please submit file in MS Word format. It is important that you should not change the document paper size, margins, font formatting and paragraph formatting - they must be exactly as used in the template document. Full information about document composition is contained in the template file itself.

Abstracts which you have submitted are available for viewing and editing at the Your Abstracts menu item. If you would like to replace uploaded abstract file, please first remove the old one and you will be able to upload the new version.

You will be able to update your submissions till deadline March 11.

In case of any questions please contact the Program Committee.